ONE DAY LEFT. We’re down to the wire, about four weeks ago we alerted Checker fans on all of the Facebook groups and our 350 member email list that we were pulling parts and saving complete Checkers. The cars dumped by Checker Motor Sales in Haverhill, Mass at the Lawrence crusher 495 Autosalavagers.

Posts and blogs every day, we have certainly got the word out, but the window of opportunity is closing.  A total success, we saved six cars and Dan Smith along with the help of 495 staff has done a tremendous job of stockpiling good parts. A moving van will be filled with parts today and will move then to the Midwest for staging.

Like the pony express, ICTA members like AJ Voiles will be picking up parts in Toledo and moving them further west to the Rockford area! A real Checker Parts Network. Today another   ICTA member Bob Allen from New York will be picking up parts.

If you need any pick items please speak now or forever hold your peace. If you want a car, don’t despair, several that have not been claimed will be put on EBAY over the next several weeks. If you want parts and deals on Checkers act now.