This writer is a classic car guy. Since 1973, this writer have been a classic car owner starting out with a DeSoto, and for this reason, I can’t wrap my around the idea that one person would dump 40 Checkers at the crusher. It’s been about four weeks since the mass dumping and it just seems impossible that the close knit Checker fan community would have yet another outrageous hobby hurting action thrown at us.

Today ICTA members have made three trips to the scrap yard, we have inventoried the cars and are assisting yard management in determining which cars should be saved and sold and which cars should be stripped. Special thanks to Daniel Smith for taking the lead and a week out his life to work at the yard this week supervising the salvage effort.

When the dumper was outed several weeks ago, public posts on social media indicated that all cars were stripped of valuable parts and the dumped cars were not restorable. Based on our review of the dumped fleet, it’s safe to say that at least ten cars could be salvaged. It’s also pretty clear that most Checkers are complete with valuable Checker parts still attached to the cars.

It also appears that some cars that were put on the market as recently as September 6th, were presented as restorable units priced between $1500 and $2500. Unfortunately, these cars today are in far worse condition today, than they were just six weeks ago.

Note the header picture, this wagon today is a wreck, the body has been beaten, fenders bashed and roof crushed. Back in September Checker Motors Cars listed this car for sale on Facebook. Facebook fans were excited. In one post the owner claimed that the car was restorable but suggested the it should not be driven home.

The post received 161 likes, 25 comments and 36 shares. Some Select comments.

It appears that the seller just wanted to taunt Checker fans and never had any intention to sell this wagon. More importantly, it looks like the seller went out of his way to destroy the car. Mission accomplished. At this point, this former runner is now a parts cars.

We’ll keep Checker fans posted on the ICTA salvaging effort. You may even see a video of some Checkers getting crushed.


BLOG UPDATE 10-17-2018

This car has been to a ICTA member from the Southeast.