Sometimes the Checker transactions are happening so fast that we don’t have enough time to post these units on the ICTA Checker For Sale tab. Being an exclusive club, membership has its privileges, one is getting access to Checkers before they are advertised on the internet, Ebay or Craig’s List.

Here’s one example on the 20th of September this add popped up on the Facebook page: 1978 Checker , Well I seen with my own eyes a guy drive it in here to my storage lock up 4 years ago, but I don’t think it’s going to be that easy to drive out.. need lots of TLC…He said he once drove it in Vegas for 15 years as a Taxi…  MAKE ME AN OFFER. It’s located in Winslow Arizona

Posted by ICTA member Travis Howeth, the car went fast.


The whole transaction took place over 24 hours!  ICTA membership has its privileges, access to the best, connected, loyal Checker people in the world.  We stick together and we’re focused on saving Checkers, not scrapping them like other groups.   Fast action and dialog, it’s clearly where serious Checker fans interact. No drama and no egotistical moderators.