ICTA Facebook members were shocked to see a post by member Michale Ruse. Michael posted the following:

“My good friend Heidi sent me pics of these Checkers That just arrived at her husband’s salvage yard in Lawrence Massachusetts. Knowing I was a taxi enthusiast she asked me if I had any interest in them or parts. I’ve attached the two pictures she sent – And contact info If anyone is interested. It’s a total mystery where these things came from with the exception of the yellow one – So I’m not sure what the story is with them, where they were from, or how on earth they ended up in a salvage yard in Lawrence Massachusetts.”

It is mind boggling to this writer that any Checker fan would send at least 16 Checkers to a salvage yard without first posting on their website or Facebook page that these Checker were available for a quick sale.  It’s quite clear from the picture that several units are highly desirable.

It’s not clear how good these cars are, but just from the photos we can see some rare and desirable models. Checker made only one hundred Medi-cars, current estimates are that only twenty exist, yet there it is,   in a picture being prep for crushing.  Also in the picture are what appears to be a solid versions of a Checker Marathon Wagon and A12 Limo!  These are cars that appear to be worth saving.

Even if these Checker can’t be saved, they could yield some valuable parts.  Note that the yellow taxi in the header picture still sports its side chrome!  These cars were not stripped of valuable parts!  Parts that a true Checker fan would cherish.

Given these cars are in Lawrence, Mass. most devout Checker fans don’t have to make any wild guesses as to who the person is, who sold these units to a crushing company.   Its this writers opinion that this individual has certainly harmed the Checker hobby, and has effectively deserted other Checker fans by his selfish actions.

Good Medi-Car door frames, bumper guards, chrome trim and emblems

Thankfully by a stroke of luck, Michael’s friend is married the owner of the salvage yard and she was aware of Mike’s interest in Checkers,  now we have a chance to step in and do the right thing.    Maybe some can be saved,  not all, but perhaps some of the rarer models can be picked up by new owners and restore or salvage.

If you are interested in any of the Checker please call 495 Auto Salvagers in Lawrence, Mass. The yard can be reached directly via their web site


Contact them directly at 978-682-3777



The person who scrapped the Checkers has emerged on Facebook.  Along with his enabler, it appears that they spin a yarn about how all good parts were stripped before the sale.  No worries, nothing here to see….move along.

The poster would like Checker fans to not believe their “lying eyes” and foolishly take him at his word.  Now clearly in the header picture we can see an issue with this statement. There are rare parts in plain sight.

Even if you believe that the cars are all junk and can not be restored, your “lying eyes” should be able to see the rear window frame on the Medi-Car.  Made of aluminum, this piece is clearly of value and should have been saved.  It’s only secured with 6 bolts, its easy to remove.  I am sure any Medi-Car owner would have loved to score a rare window frame.

His enabler makes a comment that it would be nice to save all cars possible but that’s not possible, but let’s focus on keeping Checkers currently on the road and not worry about Checkers that get lost.  This is an idiotic argument and is just another example of a someone who defends the indefensible.  How do you keep your Checker on the road, if you can’t get parts for a decent price?

As a historic preservation club for Checkers, we need to focus on saving as many parts as possible.  It’s not like we can go down the street and pick up parts at the local NAPA.  We also have to worry about dumping of parts, so the price of parts does not get artificially inflated.  Clearly with 1000 members of this group, a simple post on a website or Facebook Marketplace would have generated interest, with 1000 Checker fans, clearly parts could have been sold.  16 Checkers did not need to be scrapped in one mass dumping.

Now that we know who scrapped the Checkers, we know this person is in the business of selling Checker parts,  a mass dump of Checkers further increases the price of Checker parts.  This may be a means of artificially inflating the price of Checker parts?  In another post on Facebook this person, claims that he legally could not sell these cars because of structural damage.  Hogwash,  these cars could be and were sold as salvage.

Even our competitors  have weighed in on the mass dumping of Checkers.  The noted Checker mechanic and confidence man rightly points out what a stripped Checker looks like by posting one of the Checkers he’s currently stripping of parts.  Looks like he’s not buying the story either.

Parts like center-links or Hood hinges even trunk locks, door locks, window regulators and spring rods could have been pulled.  Even if the hubcaps are dented, budget minded Checker fans would be able with such parts.

Some may issues with the opinions posted in this blog, opinions they, but many in the Checker community agree.  Feedback in the ICTA Facebook consistently similar outrage over the mass dumping.