Mark your calendar for Memorial Day weekend , May 28th and 29th as the ICTA celebrates 100 year of Checker!

Emerson and Rachel Zentz along with Laddie Vitek are organizing this event. Further details to follow.  The show is targeted for the Lacrosse area of Wisconsin.

To date ten Checker taxicabs or specialty vehicles are committed to the event.  Our old Checker Parts friend Dan Smith also plans on attending the show.  According to Emerson “As of this date we have close to 20 cars making a appearance…one of the largest gatherings I can think of happening in a long while.”  This event is slated to celebrate Taxicab, the cars that Morris Markin built his business on.

Memorial Day weekend may be a challenge for some, but the 100th anniversary is pretty inportant and we wanted to celebrate in the month that Checker started producing taxicabs. This will represent the largest show featuring Checker Taxicabs ever!

Laddie Vitek will be bringing his two Checker A11’s

The Checker A4 Taxicab will be there!

According to Emerson, Bailey and his wife Lindsay Lenox will be bringing there Checker Police Car and Medi-Car