A head scratching photo found in another Facebook group, is there a Checker in this picture?

At the Internet Checker Taxicab Archive, we’re extremely proud of our photographic library, we do our best to provide our members the finest Checker related photos available.  While others are happy to post images with little bitty Checkers, we have over 10,000 photos in our archive, that are clear crisp and present Checkers in a favorable fashion.

Many of the photos come from the libraries of professional photographers as well as collectors.  This author has made a significant effort to restore or purchase the Facebook rights of publications.  We also own the publishing rights to many of the photos published in “Checker The All American Taxi” published by Earlswood Press.  As you can imagine, those images can not be copied or distributed without express permission given the significant expense of compiling the book.

Within our Facebook group, thousands of fine photo are just a click away.  They’re easy to find too:  just type in the desired subject in the search dialog box on the left side of the page.   Enter a search phrase,  then click the search button and like magic the photos will appear within the feed.

Look what popped up when we search on “Cab Services”?   All these photos can be found within the ICTA photo files on Facebook.  We have at least three albums, that showcase the Checker Corporate Cab Services facility in Kalamazoo.  The photos span the period of the 1940 through the header photo taken in 2014.

Now there is only one way to see the 10,000 photos in our group files,  that’s by joining our Facebook group.  Here’s a link.


Header Photo Credit Bill Buerkins