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10 Days Left for Checker Christmas Gifts!

Are you looking for Christmas of your Checker fan. There is still time left, so here are some quick ideas Clothing There are several options for Checker T-Shirts ICTA member Scott Jackson Garnett of Roanoke, Virginia has just launched a web enable store that sells...

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So What Was The Fuss About?

Noted Checker fan Jim Garrison recently posted a comment on Facebook in regards to  the dumping of 40 Checkers.   Garrison posted in support of the Checker Motor Cars,  the company that dumped the Checkers.  In his post Garrison  stated,  “we did see that most of...

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Checker and its Parmelee Unit

The Parmelee Company, the firm dated to 1853 when its founder and namesake, Franklin Parmelee, established the city’s first omnibus line.   In the early 20th Century, Parmelee provided taxi cab service in U.S. cities where it had franchise (purchased rights) to do so....

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This group is dedicated to the preservation vintage of Checker cabs produced from 1922 through 1982. The Internet Checker Taxicab Archive is the largest online club, featuring more than 3000 items in the digital archive, and more being added every week. We invite you to view the archives, learn about the history of Checker Cab, download photos and newsletters, and join the online group. All of the resources, content, and groups on this site are free to access and/or join. Our goal is to create the largest free online resource and community for Checker Cab fans.

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