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The Israeli Checker Diesel Intercity Taxicabs

It’s very clear that the Checker is an icon in the US. Clearly the Checker is most famous for being the taxicab of choice in New York city from 1958-1982.  That said, there are Checker stories and memories all over the world. In Finland, the Checker is closely linked...

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Very Active UK and French ICTA Members!

It looks like the ICTA members on the other side of the ocean are having a lot of fun with their Checkers.   The header shot depicts Ray Tomkinson’s activities this weekend..  According to Ray “600 mile round trip between these two Checkers. Coast to coast...

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Best Place to Find a Checker For Sale!

If you’re on the market for Checker, there is really no better place to go, than the ICTA Checkers or Sale on this very website. Over the last three years the ICTA Checkers For Sales site has become the most popular place to find a Checker currently for sale on...

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